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We already have successfully supplied ATN, AMHS, AWOS, Friction Tester, PCN, Semi-automation of Cargo Handling System, Voice recorders and Bird Repelling System equipment, Passenger Trolley and Airport seat in different airport in Bangladesh and have managed those successfully. We don’t have expertise relating to the pending opportunity directly, but we believe that we will be able to arrange the expertise for this pending opportunity as well. It may be noted that the pending opportunity has been identified by us and Karim Associates has made the unsolicited offer to MOCAT/CAAB and we have successfully submitted tender for supply, installation and commissioning of a multi mode surveillance system (radar, ads-b and multilateration (mlat)) along with atc and communication system at hazrat shahjalal international airport (hsia), dhaka through public private partnership. It is also one of the four bidders which has participated in the bid.

Karim Associates started as an Airport Advertising Company where it has enjoyed being the leading firm to date. From this one area, Karim Associates eventually diversified into Aviation Equipment Supply, Int’l Standard Airport business lounge, Media Buying, Public Relations, Event Management, Sports Marketing, International Trading. At present it enjoys being the leading firm in aviation equipment supply and the single largest equipment vendor to CAAB. Its future plan includes expanding the business of Aviation Equipment and developing a maintenance team to service and maintaining the systems it has supplied to date. It thrives to be a regional player in this field within the next 5 years.

Technical & Manufacturing Capabilities

Company’s in-house engineering, manufacturing and program management capabilities that are specifically relevant to the design, development, test, manufacture and delivery the products and/or services. We have 4 engineers related to software. Karim Associates is committed and has a clear plan to create its own engineering team as mentioned before.

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