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  • Aviation Weather Observing System

    The Automated Aviation Weather Observing System (AWOS) provides continuous, real–time weather reports, without human involvement, for users of aviation facilities. A new report is generated every minute from sensors located near the touchdown zone of the runway. The weather reports generated by the AWOS are made available to airport personnel operator terminals and to pilots via high quality, digitized voice transmissions over VHF transmitter or navigational aid & flight planning.

  • Runway Visual Range System

    Runway Visual Range System (RVR) is an automated system for observing visibility on the runways. The system measures, processes, displays, stores, and distributes meteorological information. It consists of sensors located along the runway, one or two central data unit computers (CDUs), and one or several workstations.

  • Runway Friction Tester Vehicle

    Airplanes depend on friction between runway and tires. When a few hundred tons of aircraft is landing, sufficient friction levels are needed to halt the aircraft before the end of the landing strip. Friction is also needed to control and steer the
    aircraft during landing and takeoff. ASFT friction measuring equipment is fully approved by UK CAA CAP683, Swedish CAA, FAA and ICAO and currently in use at more than 300 airports around the world.

  • Pavement Classification Number

    At Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport & Shah Amanat International Airport Chittagong. Country of Origin: Sweden. Year of Supply: 2011 & 2013

  • Bird Repellent System

    TOM500 is the only bird repellent system that has been developed by specialized ornithologists of the aviation authorities for the aviation community. The fact is, birds are highly visual animals: the very sense that creates reflex for life with birds is sight. Also, measurements demonstrate that birds are primarily sensitive to the color green. With Lord’s innovative laser technique, birds perceive and actually see a big green stick coming towards them.

  • Passenger Trolleys

    Provided all the passenger trolleys for all the airports in Bangladesh

  • Lounge Furniture

    Provided the maximum lounge furniture to the most of airports in Bangladesh

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